“Capturing Beauty: Joint Photography Selection for Room Design”

Suzanne, the founder of Mountain Home Interiors, and I have successfully collaborated on numerous projects, ranging from small to large. Suzanne possesses an innate ability to assess whether a property’s style aligns with my photography as soon as she embarks on an interior project. It is at the project’s inception that she invites me to join, and together, we embark on a collaborative journey to curate art for each room.

The consultation process commences with the exploration of color palettes, examination of curtain fabrics, wood types, and furniture selections. This stage is a source of genuine excitement for both of us, as the creative sparks fly, ideas flow freely, and we meticulously choose the perfect images. Following this, we present our clients with a comprehensive proposal, accompanied by visual representations of the selected images, to guide them in making informed choices that align with their vision.

I find great satisfaction in being present alongside Suzanne during the installation of the photographs to ensure the project reaches its completion and meets our shared expectations. The outcomes have consistently been highly favorable, and the feedback from our clients has been exceptionally positive and heartwarming.

‘Lines of Colour’ – Alu-dibond, 120x80cm

Why does Suzanne choose Finesse Art?

“Our partnership with Jacquie from Finesse Art spans a couple of years, and her service has consistently proven to be exceptional. Jacquie brings invaluable assistance, expertise, and a discerning eye to our projects, especially in matters of color schemes and project design. Many of my clients have discovered pieces that either provide the perfect finishing touch to their Alpine homes or serve as the inspiration for entirely new interior schemes.

Beyond her professional attributes, Jacquie’s ability to make the entire process enjoyable is truly remarkable, and we eagerly anticipate each collaboration with her.”

Client reactions to Finesse Art

“Suzanne introduced us to Jacquie, and from the moment I visited her website and explored her photography, I was captivated. Our initial meeting allowed me to delve into the stories behind the images, transporting myself to those locations. What resonated with us wasn’t solely the picturesque scenes but also Jacquie’s genuine and professional approach. She possesses a remarkable knack for discerning which photographs would best complement our spaces, infusing the entire process with a sense of enjoyment and excitement.

We made the decision to acquire a variety of images for different rooms, each carefully selected and printed on various materials, some elegantly framed to harmonize with the rooms and decor choices Suzanne guided us through. This experience was truly remarkable, and our satisfaction with the results prompted us to order more images for another property.

Thank you.”
Kate, Chalet La Ferme

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