Unveiling Altus : My Exclusive Feature Experience.

This year, I had the privilege of collaborating with Altus magazine, and the experience has been truly amazing. 

Being featured in their magazines this winter, across the French Alps, is a tremendous honour. The spotlight includes an article showcasing my photography, a mini interview exploring my inspirations, and, to top it all off – a front cover feature for their Morzine-Avoriaz edition!

None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support and belief from Johanna at Altus. I sincerely thank her, and Lucy, for their continuous encouragement and for being an integral part of my journey.

Read the feature ‘finding colour in the whiteness of winter’ here,  Magazines can be found in locations around the Alps, or you can read it online.

Three Questions I was asked for the ‘Portfolio Page’

Jacquie. Where does your passion for Photography come from?
“Photography brings me joy and peace in everyday life. My love for photography blossomed early in life, driven by a desire to capture cherished moments with friends and family. I still love looking through old photograph albums: the emotions stirred by an image have a strong impact on me. Moving to the Alps, my love for photography deepened with my surroundings. Over time, I realised the incredible power of images to tell stories, and I decided to pursue it as a form of artistic expression, launching Finesse Art in 202. I discovered the art of creating handcrafted colour palettes within my images. This aspect allow me to collaborate with clients and interior designers on selecting the best images for their project.”

How did you end up being in morzine?
“Simply – my love for photography and skiing! I had been to Morzine for ski holidays for several years and had a connection with it. The decision to leave my HR job in London for a new chapter required taking a risk, courage, a leap into the unknown, and a belief that happiness lies in following one’s heart. The Alps became my adventure playground, and today, I live a life inspired by the mountains, capturing their essence and sharing it with the world.”

How do the mountains inspire you?

“The mountains are a constant source of inspiration for me. Their grandeur, the play of light and shadows on their peaks: nature serves as a perfect backdrop for my photography, allowing me to experiment with different colour palettes. The interplay of snowy whites, cool blues, and warm earthy tones in the French Alps provides endless opportunities for creating striking and emotive compositions. Through my lens, I aim to convey the essence of a moment, a feeling or a place. Each photograph tells a story not only through its subject but also through the harmonious blend of colours, creating a multi-sensorial experience for viewers. I seek to capture not just what we see but also the sentiments that these serene ‘moments in time’ evoke. Whether it is the hushed silence of a snowy forest, the vibrant colours hidden beneath the white canvas, or a sunrise / sunset with many surprises. My goal is to transport the viewer to that very moment and share the emotions that stirred in me when I pressed the shutter.”

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