Hello, I’m Jacquie.

I have been living and working in France since 2006 and, with the huge support and encouragement of my family and friends, I set up my photography business in 2008.

When I first started I wanted to do everything; portraits, action shots, weddings, interiors. I love working with people, so weddings became a huge focus for me, capturing memorable details. Over time I started to focus more and more on interior work. I love the calmness of it and creating beautifully crafted images for people to showcase their properties. I always noticed how wonderful each place was, its character, space and charm. I was able to build up a great client base featuring local businesses, that required regular interior photography for rental or sales. Around the same time I noticed that artwork seemed to be the last thing people thought of whilst decorating their space. Walls were often left blank and the areas sometimes felt a little unfinished. 

I started slowly, selling postcards and small prints at craft fairs. One of my first breaks was when someone wanted one of my pictures for a magazine cover. I still have this in my gallery and is a popular photo.

I was then asked if some of my images could be printed in a larger format, on different materials and on multi panels. I felt so proud! Back then I was more interested in people having my art on their walls, I hadn’t really considered what was behind these choices. 

Four years ago I started working with Jo from T-o-I design, an interior designer here in Morzine and things started to really change for me. Doing studio work with her really started to bring out the creative side in me, watching how she worked, discussing different layouts, colour schemes and textures with her. I also started working with companies for whom artwork was high on their priority list, noteably More Mountain. Owner Sam would ask me to assist in making decisions on suitable artwork for their new properties. This gave me the confidence to move forward with this new project.

Finally I started to look and engage with photography in a different way and I started to build up a gallery, concentrating on the amazing area I live in. From tiny details such as water droplets, to the movement of water and the immense range of mountains on my doorstep. I started to love the freedom of getting up early, discovering new places to go for sunrise and sunset, thinking about creative lighting such as bokeh and taking in all the colours surrounding me. Planning what was next for me got me excited again.

These days I see photos wherever I go and I feel a little naked if I am out walking without my camera. When I am with my family, this is their time so walks often become the planning stage.

Three years ago I was approached by Duc Blanc Interiors. They asked if I’d like to display my photos in their showroom. Working with Marie has been an inspiration and a motivation, her attention to detail is vast and she is very supportive. As a result, clients started to come directly to me with requests to visit their properties to advise on photo selection, sizes, and which materials to print on based on their colour schemes. I have had great feedback from these clients. It’s from here that I started to think and develop my new project, Finesse Art. Of course JCutler Photography will continue to exist for my photography projects, but this site is dedicated to photos for artwork. 

Buying art it is a big decision and I am here to help, advise and guide my clients. I want people to feel they can talk to me directly and can ask questions. I want to see the art in situ in their homes, offices or studios. I take enormous pride in this. This is what Finesse Art is all about – capturing a moment in time with flair and style before elegantly placing it in your home to inspire you. My objective is to make you think about the art you choose for your home. I’ll help you imagine what it will look like and envisage how the colours will make you feel. I’ve included an in-situ example of each of my images on this website, but if you’d prefer to send me a photo of your room, I’d be delighted to personally curate a selection of options for you. You’re also able to select images by collection, or by colour. I wanted people to see what colours exist in each photo to see the colour pallet and to feel it. 

I am delighted to be following my dream and I’d love to hear from you regarding your projects, whether they are big or small.

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