Creative collaboration with More Mountain

I have photographed many of More Mountain properties over the years. My passions for interior photography with JCutlerPhotography led me to admire and appreciate how More Mountain properties are always ‘dressed’ to a high standard. The attention to detail being a huge part of the ambiance.  Nothing is left to chance with owner of More Mountain, Sam, who aims for perfection and comfort for her clients.

Sam is clear about her vision, we discuss her brief for interior chalet shoots and I help her achieve her outcome through creative collaboration.

Why does More Mountain choose my art for their wall?

Sam first noticed two of my images and asked how large they could be printed…..there started the idea of Finesse Art.  These images, printed on large mulit-panel canvas have a huge impact on the rooms.  

Apartment “The Pad”, Artwork – Soldiers on canvas, multi-panel

What does Sam say about Finesse Art?

I have worked with Jacquie for a number of years and always found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and consultative. We have 100% trust in her due to communication, speed and efficiency.

When it comes to chalet art and sourcing the right tones and colour panels for our chalets and apartments, I have full confidence I can leave her with my client to recommend the right solution in line with my own design ideas.

She is good at choosing the right size and colour/tonal choice in line with the interior design and style of the property. She is also brave enough to go for large and impactful panels in large format which I love. Be big, bold and brave with Jacquie’s work…. it is worth it as the image quality is superb!”

How we work together?

Sam knows how she wants her customers to feel and what ambiance she seeks for her clients. Her customer service skills are top notch, no one comes to More Mountain without feeling her personal touch…..we are very similar.

Apartment La Ruche, Artwork – Pastel Dream on Alu-dibond multi-panel

Our future together

A new project with Sam is to ensure all her photography on her site is consistent, we are continually reviewing the property images and in line with her new website, we have selected images for the banners with ones from my Finesse Art collections. Taking that forward with Sam, I do all her interior photography for her properties.  We have collaborate together on her website images, keeping the more mountain style. She also recommends Finesse Art to clients whose style and interiors match those for my artwork.

Sometimes people don’t know their vision for art work, this is where I can help, through my guidance and getting to know how people, chalet businesses, shops, interior designers, tourist offices. Discussing their needs and meeting expectations is key for Finesse Art, for me. 

There is something so amazing and positive about combining my interior photography skills and my ‘artwork’, they work well together, it gives me joy.

Sam and myself on a recent photoshoot

Thank you Sam. More Mountain – Luxury Chalets and Apartments, Morzine

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