Choosing the right art for your room

Art creates character in any space, it can bring a room alive and change the feeling you experience as you enter. Indeed, art is an investment, but one you can take with you if you move home and treasure for many years to come. I feel it is such an important part of the interior/decorating process, sometimes left until last, the finishing touches.  

Art has a place in our rooms, it is at eye level and often the first thing to be seen when entering a room and that we pass by all the time.  A thought I always have – why not choose the art first and design your room around it?

Here are some tips to consider when choosing your art.  These are the kind of discussions I would be having with clients in my consultations process, helping them really think about their selection.

  • Colour – think about your colour palettes. Use similar hues, same colours but different shades.  My colours palettes on each photo will help guide you. 
  • Mood – what feelings do you want the room to evoke?  Bedroom – relaxing, Kitchen – functional/organised. What are the activities that occur in that room?  What textures are present or will be?  Read my journal on colour psychology for how colour can affect your mood. 
  • Space – what wall space do you have?  Are you after a large statement piece, (generally associated with living areas), prints in a row or a gallery wall?  I can provide you with room mockups of your room to help you visualise how my images will look on your walls.  Do you want your prints framed, or are their natural framing options within the room?
  • Visual style – what do you like?  What makes you light up, get that feeling, evoke memories, make you happy, make you feel playful, relaxed?  Is it landscape, sunrise/sunset, the details, movement of water?  
  • Values – do you want a well-known artist or are you seeking out a local artist?  Do you want an original or to commission a picture to be done for you?
Pastel Dream in-situ

Art by room – some things to consider

Kitchen – often the hub of the house, the most used and where everyone comes together.  Here you tend to find smaller pieces of art that complement each other but that don’t over clutter the space.  They tend to be fresh, light, airy and bright with feel good factor.

Living room – the most fun room, the room that guests will see, so probably the hardest room to choose art for.  This is a room where you could be risky and bold.

Bedroom – an area of retreat and relaxation.  Art is often placed above the head board or on the wall opposite the bed.  It tends to be soft colours, unframed and minimal so that it focuses on the art.

Bathroom – definitely a room that tends to be left, but the most obvious place is above the toilet.  A room that can be left simple and geo metric, or serene and calming.

Home office – this is where people tend to personalise their art and workspace, using positive images to evoke creativity.  Using different sizes works well here.

Patience in-situ

A piece of art can inspire a whole interior design scheme, from the colours and textures to the date it was created.  It will give you joy and life to a space and it can tell a story…..but  ultimately art is a question of taste. 

There are no rules when it comes to choosing art, it is an emotional response to what you see. I hope these tips give you something to think about, and help you reflect more when deciding on your artwork.

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