Book Review: Sense

Unlock Your Senses and Improve Your Life by Russell Jones

Wow, this book really got me captivated, I found it easy to read and so intriguing.  A non-fictional book which explores our daily lives, giving an insight into our senses and how we can use them, and ultimately improve life experiences.  It takes you through the journey of your day and how at each moment, each sense can affect how we feel, and therefore has a bearing on our wellbeing.

There is a lot of research and science behind the book, Russell explains it so clearly and simply.  It gives examples and situations you can relate to throughout e.g

  • Wearing green clothes is positive, it means ‘go’ so it is good to wear if you have an important meeting.
  • Wearing black clothes and standing tall can give you confidence.
  • The book explores how sounds around us can be comforting, enhancing or even distracting.
  • The right temperature of a room if you want to be productive is 21.6 degrees.
  • The height of a room can affect our mental state.
  • How the smell and touch of wood is relaxing (sandalwood oils have been seen to lower anxiety).
  • The smell of freshly cut grass can give a sense of open space.
  • The smell of clean linen has a calming and refreshing effect.

There are so many examples and suggested simple changes to improve our everyday lives.

It talks a lot about food and taste, how to make dining an ‘experience’ by adding sensory enhancements, setting the scene with music, use of correct lighting and even how you serve food and what you serve it on…. intriguing for any chalet companies out there.  

Reading the book has helped me reflect on my work as a photographer selling artwork.  I found it fascinating how Russell spoke about having a multi-sensorial approach to life, specifically about how colours/images can evoke many senses including nostalgic feelings and how smells can bring memories to life. As the sense of sight is our primal sense, this read was very appropriate and insightful for me as a photographer.

The book takes you through each room in our homes and office buildings, the times of days and what people use these rooms for.  For example, waking up to bright, soft, and warm colours gives us positive thoughts for the day ahead.  Russell advises that in workspaces, choosing the right lighting, colours, shapes and visuals for each situation can have a huge impact on how we work. 

‘Senses’ has inspired me to think about my artwork and also it prompted me to write a journal on “choosing the right artwork for your walls’.

Lots to learn, reflect on and take away….happy reading. 

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