“Artistic guidance with Déco d’en Haut boutique in Morzine”

In the year 2021, I initiated contact with Déco d’en Haut, a prominent interior design showroom in Morzine, specialising in decoration and design. This initial connection led to an exciting meeting where we explored the concept of Finesse Art and contemplated the potential for a joint partnership. It quickly became evident that our collaboration was a great match – precisely what Déco d’en Haut required for their clientele and a tremendous opportunity for me as well. 

Ever since that pivotal meeting, the synergy between our endeavours has been rewarding for both of us.  I’ve had the privilege of receiving numerous orders for my captivating images, each meticulously chosen to align with the distinct visions of Déco d’en Haut’s interior designers.

For interior designers, a well-crafted colour palette is indispensable. It serves as a visual compass, allowing them to instantly assess whether the style and imagery harmonize with their interior design projects. Within the welcoming confines of Déco d’en Haut’s Morzine showroom, there is a selection of my photographic creations. Accompanying these artworks is a folder showcasing the range of materials upon which my images can be expertly printed, accompanied by my handpicked colour palettes.

This thoughtful arrangement has proven to be immensely beneficial to Déco d’en Haut’s clients. It empowers them to make well-informed decisions about how these images and colours will enhance with their individual interior design preferences. It’s more than just providing art; it’s about offering a complete sensory experience, enabling clients to envisage the fusion of art and design seamlessly within their spaces.

Team at Deco d’en haut.
Team at Déco d’en Haut.

Beyond aiding clients in the selection process, our work extends further. I have the privilege of capturing the essence of Déco d’en Haut’s exquisite properties through my lens, allowing their unique design concepts to be vividly realized for future clients. This multifaceted partnership not only enhances the artistic and aesthetic aspects of Déco d’en Haut’s offerings but also strengthens their portfolio by showcasing the tangible realisation of their design concepts in beautifully photographed properties.

In conclusion, the partnership between Finesse Art and Déco d’en Haut transcends the conventional boundaries of art and design. Together, we bring the visions of interior designers to life, transforming spaces into works of art that captivate the soul and elevate the art of living.

Firecracker, Escapism, Dusting….all printed on Alu-dibond

What does Déco d’en haut say about working with Finesse Art?

“At Déco d’en Haut, our collaboration with Finesse Art has been an inspiring journey that has redefined the way we approach interior decoration and design. Working with Finesse Art has been an absolute pleasure, and it has enriched our offerings in countless ways.

Finesse Art’s exceptional photography captures the essence of the Alps with softness and accuracy. Jacquie’s keen eye for detail and her ability to convey the beauty of the region through her lens has allowed us to elevate our interior design projects to new heights. Each photograph is a masterpiece in itself, and it effortlessly integrates with our design concepts.

One of the most valuable aspects of working with Jacquie has been the introduction of well-curated colour palettes. These palettes have become an invaluable tool for our interior designers, enabling them to match the style and imagery easily with our clients’ preferences. It simplifies the decision-making process and ensures that our designs align perfectly with our clients’ visions.

Furthermore, the presence of Finesse Art’s images in our showroom has added to the ambiance of our space. Clients can now experience the beauty of the Alps firsthand as they explore our interior decoration offerings. 

Finesse Art not only provides art but also goes beyond by photographing our properties. This has allowed us to showcase our design concepts to potential clients with stunning visual clarity. It’s a partnership that extends beyond the ordinary, enhancing our portfolio and bringing our design visions to life.

Working with Finesse Art has enriched our creative process, elevated our client experience, and added a unique dimension to our interior decoration and design projects. We look forward to continuing this partnership and creating more captivating spaces together.”

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